Urban Meadow X El Olivo Gift Set

Urban Meadow X El Olivo X Embrace Jewellery

This gift set consists of:

1) Bravery Basket

Dimensions: 35cm (W) X 28cm (H)

- Featuring a blend of carnations, eustoma, spray roses, caspia and leaves.

* Substitution of flowers may occur in the event of shortage.

2) Chocolate Amatller Milk Chocolate Leaves Tin (30g)

- These fine leaves are characterised by a balanced combination of the intensity of Ghanaian cocoa and the creaminess of milk, all with a light touch of vanilla.

3) Chocolate Amatller Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit Leaves Tin (60g)

- These delicious leaves of milk chocolate and passion fruit are made with Ghanaian cocoa beans, following the traditional method of selection, roasting, refining and coaching.



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