Best Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Flower Subscription Delivery In Singapore

Should your scheduled deliveries fall within our seasonal periods, our customer service team will reach out to you to reschedule.
Inject a burst of joy and brightness into your day with the season’s finest and most beautiful flowers from Urban Meadow Flowers.

Enjoy fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep every week and a boost of scheduled happiness with our weekly/bi-weekly/monthly flower delivery.

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How To Order Our Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Flower Delivery

Step 1: Pick A Size

Choose from our small, medium, and large weekly bouquets, artfully arranged by our skilled florists and guaranteed to please.

Step 2: Select Your Delivery Date And Time

Pick your preferred weekly/bi-weekly/monthly subscription delivery date and time slot.

Please email us at if you need your flowers delivered outside of the stipulated time slots or have any special delivery requests. Charges will apply.

Please note that should the delivery date fall on peak periods (e.g. Valentine's Day / Mother's Day), a rescheduling will be required.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Beautiful Bouquet

All you’ve got to do now is to wait for your flower delivery and indulge in the beauty of our bouquets.

Why Choose Our Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Flower Subscription?

Affordable Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Bouquets

With our competitively priced flowers, you can enjoy fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep every week or month without burning a hole in your pocket.

High-Quality Farm-Fresh Flowers

We source our flowers and foliage daily from flower markets in Singapore. This ensures that only the best, most beautiful bouquets reach you.

Free Islandwide Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Flower Delivery

Yup, that’s right! We offer free delivery to most places in Singapore except for restricted areas such as military zones and the airport.

Please check out the FAQ page for more info on the restricted areas that we are unable to deliver to. Alternatively, please contact us at before placing an order to ensure that your delivery address can be reached.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Flower Subscription Service

Will my weekly/bi-weekly/monthly bouquets look the same as those featured on your website?

Our bouquets are specially designed to be one-of-a-kind, so they won’t look like the pictures you see on our site.

But, you don’t have to worry! Our expert florists have the skills needed to create exquisite masterpieces that are guaranteed to impress.

When will my flower delivery arrive?

Your flowers will arrive within the time slot selected during checkout.

Here are the delivery time-slots:
10am - 2pm (N.A. on Sundays)
2pm - 6pm (N.A. on Sundays)
6pm - 10pm (N.A. on Weekends)
11am - 3pm (Sundays only)

Can I select the flowers that go into my weekly/bi-weekly/monthly bouquets?

Our flowers are handpicked daily from flower markets in Singapore based on their seasonality. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t request for certain types of flowers.

However, you can rest easy knowing that only the season’s best flowers and foliage are used in your bouquets.

How do I cancel or make changes to my weekly/bi-weekly/monthly flower subscription?

Please contact us via email if you need help making changes to or cancelling your subscription or order.

Do you offer daily pick flowers?

Yes, we do!

Our daily bunches are available in 3 sizes or loose stalks. Check them out now!