1. How does it all work?

We deliver fresh bouquets of flowers all over Singapore* each weekday and Saturday starting from $44.90 per bunch excluding tax. Standard delivery is free! 

We sell 5 different styles in 3 different sizes, suitable for all occasions whether as a gift to someone or to brighten up your own home. Available in both bouquet or vase form!

Gathered fresh every single day so they last longer.

We are also consistently doing research and development to bring you new products.

2. How do I know what the bouquet will look like?

Our customers trust us to create something wonderful every single day. Visit our Facebook or Instagram to see some of our past creations and to get a feel of our style and sizes of our bouquets.

Your flowers may not look exactly like the gallery photo's but they will be just as beautiful.

3. What size are the daily bouquets?

Our daily bouquets come in 3 sizes each day - Small, Medium & Large, suitable for all occasions.

4. What is in the bouquet?

Each bouquet is full of the freshest, most seasonal flowers and foliage, picked from the Singapore flower markets each morning.

The bouquets are arranged by hand, secured with natural twine and come beautifully wrapped with a message card, care instructions, flower food and plenty of water to keep them nice and fresh.

The whole bundle comes delivered in a neat plastic carrier, making it easy to carry home. The plastic carriers are reusable! You can leave the bouquet for a day or so in it's original wrapping or until you get home and put the flowers in a vase. By keeping the twine tie in place, the bouquet retains it's shape, but of course you can cut the twine and arrange the bouquet across a number of vases.

Fret not- invoices/receipts are not included in the delivery to the recipient.

5. Can I select the flowers or preferred colour to be included in the bouquet?

We have 5 different styles for you to choose from:

If you are looking for something that is muted, classic and crisp, the Elegant & Graceful colour palette is great; featuring white, nude-pink, beige, blue, lilac, ivory & green hues.

The Sweet & Dainty colour palette is perfect for perk-me-ups and your just because; featuring pink, peach, white, ivory & green hues.

The Vibrant & Cheery colour palette chases away the gloom and bloom smiles; featuring yellow, orange, red, pink & green hues.

Opt for Brilliant & Bold colour palette for a touch of modernness; featuring red, burgundy, shocking pink, purple, blue, green & contrasting hues.

Unsure what to pick, select Surprise Me and we promise to deliver a pleasant surprise to your loved ones!

6. Are the prices on the website nett? 

Nope, we are a GST registered company. All goods and services are subjected to a 7% Goods and Service Tax (GST), GST Reg no. 201702511W.

7. How much is delivery?

Standard delivery is free of charge!


10am - 2pm (Mon-Sat)
2pm - 6pm (Mon-Sat)
6pm - 10pm (Mon-Fri; NA on PH)
11am - 3pm (Sun; NA on PH)

Order cut-off timing is 6am for same-day morning slots; 11:30am for same-day afternoon slots and night slots; and Fri 8pm for Sunday slots.

*Note: This may be different for collaboration bundles.

8. Do you deliver to my area?

Yes, we deliver for free Singapore wide. To homes, businesses, schools etc. There are some restricted areas such as military zones and airports, where our couriers cannot go, so check to make sure your delivery address can be reached.

Areas we cannot go includes:

• NCID • Lim Chu Kang • Airline Road • Airport Cargo Road • Alps Avenue • Brani Terminal Avenue • Jurong Island • Khusu Island • Pulau Damar Laut • Pulau Busing • Pulau Tekong • Pulau Sakeng • Pulau Sebarok • Pulau Ubin • Rifle Range • St John Island • Penjuru • Tuas Island • Any Military and Government bases, that requires clearance.

We are also currently unable to deliver to hospitals and/or other medical facilities due to strict COVID-19 measures.

9. Can I specify a delivery time?

Unfortunately we’re not able to do timed deliveries as our couriers go via the most efficient route on the day. It’s good for the environment and it helps keep the price of our flowers down.

You can however opt for an express delivery of 1-hour timeframe at an additional $25 before GST.

10. How do I know my flowers have been delivered?

You will receive an email notification, do check your spam inbox just in case.

Our couriers strive their very best to deliver your flowers within the timeframe you’ve selected, and in any case of delays due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be sure to inform you beforehand.

11. What happens if nobody is home to receive the flowers?

Due to Singapore's hot and humid climate, we have designed the wrapping for the flowers to contain enough water to last. We will do our best to find a cool and shady spot too.

If there is a particular place you would like them kept (e.g. a guard house or with a neighbour), then add this to the delivery instructions section during the check-out and please make sure you have informed the relevant person about this. Do note we will not be liable for any losses or damages to the arrangements if it was still intact upon delivery.

If we can't contact the recipient or find a safe place to leave the flowers or an incorrect address was provided, the courier will only be able to wait for 5 minutes for a response, before having to move on to the next delivery. Any redeliveries required will incur an additional charge and will be subjected to our schedule. This will be no later than the next working day, as flowers are perishable items.

12. Help! There’s a problem with my order! What can I do?

OK, don’t panic. First, email us as soon as you can with your order number. Put ‘Help’ in the title if you think it will.......‘help’.

We know that sometimes a recipient leaves work early, is sick or has moved offices. Because we operate on super-quick turn around times, we really need 24 hours notice to change or cancel an order. But we’re lovely people here at Urban Meadow, so if the flowers haven’t already left the building, we’ll do our best to accommodate any change.

You can reach us at hello@urbanmeadowflowers.com.sg or via our Contact Form.

13. What if I'd like to cancel my order?

To make a cancellation, kindly contact us at hello@urbanmeadowflowers.com.sg with your order number. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be subjected to only a 50% refund as flowers are perishable items. Otherwise, it will be a 80% refund, due to administrative costs involved as well.

14. How should I look after my flowers at home?

The wrapping contains enough water to keep the flowers happy for at least 1-2 days, but we recommend removing the wrapping and placing the flowers in fresh water by the end of the day.

All our bouquets are hand tied, so once you remove the wrapping they will stay in the same arrangement and look fantastic. If you want to spread the flowers across multiple vases around your home, you can just cut the twine tie.

To help your flowers look amazing for longer, we recommend the following simple steps:
  1. Always use a sparkling clean vase that has been washed in hot, soapy water and rinsed well. This will help remove any micro-organisms.
  2. Fill your vase about 1/2 way with fresh water and dissolve the flower food we have provided with your bouquet.
  3. Remove any leaves/greenery from any part of the stem that will be submerged in the water. This will help to keep the water cleaner for longer.
  4. Using a sharp knife or scissors to cut off the bottom 2cm of your stems. You should cut on a 45 degree angle as this gives the stem a larger surface to drink the water. Even better, cut them underwater in a bowl to prevent air from going into the stems and causing a blockage.
  5. Replace the water, clean the vase and trim a bit from the stems every couple of days, as described above, so that your flowers receive a steady flow of fresh water.
  6. Some flowers and foliage can be dried and re-used so you can get even more enjoyment out of them. Look out for ones that naturally dry out rather than wilt. Place them in a dry room on some paper and wait a week or so for all moisture to dissipate. Then you can cut them and rearrange as you please – just keep them dry. There’s not much more to it – just have a go and discover the inner florist in you! 

15. Do you manage corporate orders?

Yes, we do. In fact, we already have a number of business clients who we deliver to on a weekly basis.

The bouquets are the same style and sizes as you can order today, but we include vases and provide a delivery, set-up and replace service each week.

Please contact us via the Contact Us form to discuss your needs further.